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Working Smart With I-DOCUMENTUS

SMART Technical Documents provides cost and time benefits for your Company technical documentation requirements, without compromising Quality or Fidelity. From single documents to production of a full suite, we can manage the whole project whilst you focus on other areas of the business. You still have full editorial and revision control, because each document will be edited live, but without the usual round of emails and meetings with SME and other stakeholders, and Getting Nothing Done. SMART Technical Documents allows review/comments, editing and approval, instantly online, with each member of the team.

Quip™ & BlueBeam Revu™  & Veiwpoint 4P™ Changes the way that teams work. 2016-09-12Real work gets done, smarter, faster. Collaborate Without Email. Chat is built into every document and spreadsheet, so it’s easy to discuss, revise, and reach a final decision in one place. No more email chains. Other team benefits include | In Box For Technical Documents > Smart In-Box lets you manage your living documents.  | Commenting > Comment directly on any piece of content. |Notifications > Smart notifications you control, so you always know what’s happening. These are just a few of the many benefits and features of Working Less Dumb with your documentation projects and other areas of the business.

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Success By Networking

IDOCUMENTUS Will facilitate your technical documents project, no matter how large or small, leaving you to get on with the real work. So How Does That Happen? Depending on the size and nature of your project, you can purchase and upload one document at a time, OR, complete the RFQ/RFI and we’ll get back to you within twenty four hours with a proposal. Subject Matter is never a problem as we have a global network of associates who produce quality documents, often in many different languages.  Choose whichever service level suits you best, then complete the relevant form here. That’s it, we’re in business!